Our Admins work hard to maintain the following goals of the North Florida Subaru Group (NFSG):

  • Manage and update regularly our website and be sure it will provide as much Subaru related information as possible.

  • Manage and moderate the NFSG Facebook group, which acts as a message board that will promote Subaru themed discussion available to all users.

  • The NFSG will have a well maintained and regularly updated member's database.

  • The NFSG will treat all members equally regardless of age, race, sex or engine size.

  • The NFSG will strive to promote Subaru "mania" and organize events and meets.

In addition to these goals, we would like to thank all of you, the members, for helping to support the North Florida Subaru Group in any way you can. Feel free to contact us, the Admins of NFSG at any time. Now meet our hardworking Admins!

Robert Desjadon, Founder

Robert has owned a many of Subarus by now, so to say he loves them, would be an understatement. He developed the passion starting when he was 22 and doesn't show any signs of slowing down as he works on his 2011 STI.  He is one of the original founders of this group and provides us all so much information with his extensive knowledge of Subarus and he works at one of our best sponsors, Dirty Racing Products!

Erin's Ride

Erin Desjadon, Event Coordinator

Erin has owned 3 Subies! First with her 2007 Legacy GT, the "Aphrodite"  her red 2015 Limited WRX and now is the proud owner of an 2004 Forester 2.5 XT with a fully built block sitting on AirLift airride! She has become more educated about these amazing vehicles over the years and continues to learn as she grows. She assists with setting up our events and coordinates with local businesses and other groups in efforts to keep the fun going! She's also a Subaru Ambassador, spreading the love of Subarus all around! 

Christa's Ride

Christa Patchen, Admin

Christa is our biggest hockey fan and her Forester makes sure that we know that it's all about the Redwings :) She is extremely smart and a great asset to the group with event planning, charity coordination and so much more! She's also a Subaru Ambassador as well! We're excited to have her and see where she can help take NFSG!

Tiffany's Ride

Tiffany Prevatt, Admin

Tiffany is from Jax but currently lives in Kingsland, GA. She is a marine surveyor and works at the Brunswick Port surveying vehicles that come off ships, rails, etc. In the summer of 2014, she bought her second Subaru - a 2011 WRB WRX named Kitana. She is constantly adding new mods and finding ways to personalize her Subie. Tiffany also maintains our Instagram page, so feel free to send her a message with a pic of your car to be featured online!

Luis' Ride

Luis G. Benavides, Admin

Luis has been living in Jacksonville since 1992, but was raised in Denver, CO. He's a diehard Broncos fan who got into the Subaru scene about a year ago. He's charged with maintaining the group's webpage, as well as provided assistance with any graphic design support. With his 2.0 RSTi, he joins the other GC owners of the group who make up the Ninja Elite of the NFSG.


Kenneth Feinberg, Moderator

I started with my 2008 Legacy GT “DooDooBrown” Bronze. His name was Turd Furguson and he was my daily grocery getter. I’ve since moved on to my new Forester! I’ve been a member for 3 years. I am proud and honored to be an NFSG Moderator. I am the head organizer for the Wheelin Wednesday Weekly Meet at Sonic. I live in the Mandarin area and if you see me, give a honk or Subbie Wave, he’ll will honk back, I promise. Look forward meeting future members.

Jodan Girard-diCarlo.jpg

Jodan Girard-diCarlo, Moderator

Subaru’s have been part of my life for over 20 years. Grew up in Vermont where having all wheel drive was almost necessary to travel most of the winter. Have owned more than half a dozen Subaru’s over the years. I enjoy exploring new roads, customizing and maintaining the cars myself, detailing, as well as collecting rare parts. Current Subaru lineup is a 300k+ miles 2000 2.5rs, 2005 STi, and a 2019 Subaru Ascent touring. I’m a lifelong Subaru fan, Subaru ambassador, and have organized and hosted meets and events for years.