We are back once again, with another installment of the Team Blue Falcon spotlight. Wait, no… that’s not right… it’s the… oh yes, the North Florida Subaru Group’s Featured Ride for August. This month's winner is KC Colton and his stunning 1999 GC Impreza RS coupe.

The love story started as so many seem to these days: KC was in a relationship with the wrong car, a 2006 Evo and even had an ‘06 GSXR 750 on the side. But let’s just keep that between us… It was through Anthony (of Drunkmann Tuning) a few months ago that KC was introduced to his Angel, and he was smitten from the start. KC says the plan was to “trade the evo when it got paid off, but things didn’t go as planned” leading him to buy the RS outright just a few months ago. It joined the Evo, and the bike in the collection along with a 1970 VW Beetle which KC is currently using while stationed on Guam. The RS is KC’s third Subaru. A 2003 WRX and 2008 STi preceded it, and a couple of Honda's (a 1986 Accord sedan and a 2001 Civic) came before them.

Member of the Month

Guam is a long, long way from Florida, literally some 8,100 miles and even further, figuratively from Washington state where KC was stationed when he first realized that his front wheel drive Civic wasn’t going to cut it in the snow. The confidence inspiring all wheel drive and signature boxer rumble inspired the same love that enthusiasts cite time and time again. That literal distance is what KC says he likes least about the car. I imagine it something of a physical pain. The kind of thing that might lead a lesser man to stream sappy ballads on Pandora while staring forlornly out an east facing window. But KC looks on the bright side, planning to appreciate the car for all the work that has already gone into it... And maybe add some Karlton fender flares and maybe build a 2.2 liter stroker engine for it.

Some might argue that a 1999 model year car is a bit long in the tooth, since kids who were born in the same year are getting their driver’s licenses this year. Honestly, I’m of the opinion that it will be hard to improve upon this specimen from the day when factory turbocharged Subarus were unobtainable in the States. I led the way to the site for the photoshoot and had to remind myself more than once that I should stop staring in the rear view mirror and watch traffic.

Subtle steps have been taken to modernize the old girl. A Blouch 18gXT turbo forces charge air through a GR (2011-2014) WRX top mount intercooler and IAG TGV’s. A Carberry Sd ROM tuned for 21PSI from the turbo also instructs the DPI 850 injectors to add the right amount fuel (supplied by an DW200 fuel pump) to the mix on the way to the 2.0 Litre WRX mill. The resulting power is transferred through a GD WRX clutch and flywheel to a JDM Legacy GT Twin Turbo 5-speed transmission and limited slip rear diff. All of this combines to push around 350hp to the JNC 001 wheels. A GFB blow-off valve makes fun noises between shifts… and helps keep down compressor surge… or something functional like that. Little touches like ZeroSports IC Splitter and Tom’s radiator cap are treats for the nerd among us to find. Stoptech SS Brake Lines, pads, rotors and calipers off an 04 Forester XT provide a larger clamping prowess than the original RS binders. KYB AGX struts with Prodrive springs, Cusco front sway bar, and Cobb rear sway bar with Stout mounts keep the 215 series tires’ contact patch maximized at all times.

Outside S201 carbon fiber mirrors and Bokamon rear window wing, both imported from Malaysia and 06 STi rear spats and diffuser and front lip add more subtle flash to the exterior than the more obvious 22b hood vents and V6 STi grill, lip and wing do. Super rare Hela 500 Comet fog lights and an STi rabbit badge round out the aesthetics nicely. Inside a V6 STi gauge cluster reads in kph, so the Defi HUD projects speed in mph onto the windshield. 2013 WRX front seats and 05 rears, V7 STi steering wheel and JVC touchscreen head unit with Rockford components comprise the interior modernization. 

KC was one of the original members of the NFSG and says that he “loves being around other enthusiasts and people that have a passion for vehicles.” I’m sure that being away from such an amazing car is difficult, but it will surely allow him to enjoy it even more when he comes home. I, for one, look forward to seeing KC and his RS around the area when his deployment is over.

Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest for August! Stay tuned to the group for next month’s entry post!