Missed out reading about one of our Members of the Month? Don't fret! We have all your past Members of the Month right here. So go ahead, take a look. And don't be too jealous. You and your ride will be here soon.

November 2015 - Member of the Month

Jonathan Garcia

Ladies and gentlemen of the North Florida Subaru Group, allow me the privilege of presenting to you your November Member of the Month for the year 2015, Mr. Jonathan A. Garcia. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Jonathan found his way to our sunny southern hemisphere much the same way many of our members have... [read more]

October 2015 - Member of the Month

Marti Wilson

When is a Subaru most in its element? When it’s hauling kids and groceries from school to soccer? When it’s breathing flames and punching above its weight on the streets? When it’s bounding across a field or down a wooded trail? Or maybe when it’s surprising everyone (no one?) by doing a little of all of the above.  [read more]

September 2015 - Member of the Month

Matt Larkin

As a Subaru enthusiast who came of age in the 90’s, I have a more than healthy appreciation for the EJ Era offerings of the brand. My first time driving a Subaru was actually test driving a 2001 RS. So having the opportunity recently to photograph some of NFSG’s (and TBF’s) finest GC Impreza has been a real joy. [read more]

August 2015 - Member of the Month

KC Colton

The love story started as so many seem to these days: KC was in a relationship with the wrong car, a 2006 Evo and even had an ‘06 GSXR 750 on the side. But let’s just keep that between us… It was through Anthony (of Drunkmann Tuning) a few months ago that KC was introduced to his Angel, and he was smitten from the start. [read more]

July 2015 - Member of the Month

Josh Marshall

Josh was born and raised in Starke and is currently attending the University of Florida, studying the business of sports. His journey in the automotive world started out with a Honda - a 1998 Accord coupe with an automatic transmission and, by his account, a “ricer exhaust.” [read more]

Rick Wilson - June 15 MotM

June 2015 - Member of the Month

Rick Wilson

As most of you probably know, Rick is THE doctor at the NFSG sponsor, Dr. Dirty’s Rusty Nuts Garage (though by time of publication, I’ve been unable to find any records of said doctor with the state Department of Health). [more to come]